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Core Business Districts to Benefit from Approved Zoning Amendment

Post Date:05/16/2018

At the May 15th Township Board meeting, the Board adopted a zoning amendment to establish new standards for residential density and building height in Mixed Use Planned Unit Development (MUPUD) Projects.

The adopted amendment specifies building and interior height requirements, setback requirements, design standards, boundary areas, common areas, parking standards and more. The approved amendment is attached. The amendment is in response to feedback the Township has received from developers who have stated limitations to MUPUD projects in Downtown Okemos and Downtown Haslett and residents who have stated they would like to see these core districts revitalized.

Creating and adopting additional tools to assist in the redevelopment of core commercial areas including the ‘Four Corners’ of Okemos and Downtown Haslett is one of Meridian Township’s 2018 Goals.

In the past 8 months, the Township hired an Economic Development Director, established a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, created a Redevelopment Fund to assist developers financially and enrolled in Redevelopment Ready Communities through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

Manager Frank Walsh stated, "This is a long time coming. We have a vision, it's crystal clear and it's time to deliver."

"This amendment signals that the Township is serious about implementing the Master Plan that was adopted in November 2017," says Economic Development Director Chris Buck. "Meridian is a fantastic place except for these core business districts. When they become what is envisioned in the Master Plan, these districts will have earned the title of being what Meridian is known for, a Prime Community."

As a result of these changes, Douglas J Salon and Downtown Okemos LLC announced they will unveil plans in Downtown Okemos on Thursday, May 24, 2018, 10:30 am at 2138 Hamilton Road. Supervisor Ron Styka will be making comment on behalf of the Township.


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